Saturday, April 15, 2006

Population,Traffic, mismangement and mayham

As you all know population of Pakistan increasing very rapidly, official figures are 140 million but I doubt it. People of Pakistan facing all kind of problems and everyday their life is getting worst. I wonder where Pakistan might be after 10 years from now. People are so frustrated with overall system that bomb blast, quakes, kidnap and ransom, killing someone in street is normal thing. Management, Law and order , basic facilities are not available to 90 percent of the population.

I'm resident of Islamabad which is so far in good hands as far as management. City planning is good in CDA sectors but there is no law on City planning outside CDA few sectors. But if you compare CDA's Islamabad with any other city in Pakistan it's a paradise.

I recently spent few days in Lahore. I was shocked with town planning, traffic mayhem and overall law and order situation. I feel like I'm in "escape from New York" movie. Lahore traffic is terrrible not because its poor management because there is a lot of it. People using stop on red light where traffic officer is standing and only wait for green light if traafic is flowing from other side. If there is no traffic coming from opposite different direction then lahore people law say that that don't need to wait for green signal and traffic police don't mind it,

Town planning is at it worst. I by mistake got on to raiwind road and I see big apartment complex popping up and 50 different housing societies buiding houses on single lane road and I wonder if there is alternate road for access.

I think its time now that we should think about our future and overall situation in Pakistan. No one seems to be worried about situation and everyone is busy in his own problems. May Allah give us sense to develop move sensible planning.

Imran Hashmi


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